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Thirukolur Pen Pillai Ragasiyam - 2


Below is the translation to Veda Paati's story, narrated in tamil, available in below platforms:







My dear children,

Do you remember the little humble girl of Thirukolur claiming that she did not deserve to remain in the holy village? She had related the story of Akroora, the messenger of the evil King Kamsa! The devoted Akroora, who, laden with faith, devotion and love, had gone on a holy pilgrimage to bring Krishna to Mathura!

EmperumAnAr RAmAnuja who gently coaxed the sweet child to go on!

“Swami, have I purified my heart like Vidura?”

The purest of devotees whose heart and home the Lord himself had chosen?” laments Thirukolur Pen Pillai ! With this, she started narrating the incident, taking us all back to the days of the Pandavas and Kauravas in Hastinapur!

The Pandavas and Kauravas were the sons of the brothers, Pandu and Dhritarashtra. The 100 Kaurava brothers were often filled with vengeance and jealousy towards their 5 cousin brothers, the Pandavas. They found crooked means to snatch away their land and possessions and finally resorted to a war, the Mahabharatha.

In the Kingdom of Hastinapur also lived a wise minister, Vidhura. Vidhura was the younger brother of Pandu and Dhritarashtra. He was very wise, fair and an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna. He often tried to dissuade the Kauravas from their evil deeds and from waging the Mahabharatha war, but to no avail!

Once Lord Krishna visited Hastinapur on the compulsion of the Pandavas. His mission was to make peace with the Kauravas and try to convince them to avoid a gruesome war. When the news of Lord Krishna’s arrival reached Hastinapur, there was excitement everywhere. He was after all the Manamohana, stirrer and stealer of hearts! Everyone wanted Krishna to be a guest at their home!

The Kauravas too wanted Krishna at their palace. They foolishly thought that if they could impress Krishna with their wealth, grandeur and a multitude of gifts they could win Him over to their side! And away from the Pandavas! Accordingly, they arranged for a very magnificent welcome, streets decorated, flowers being thrown at the feet of Krishna, beautiful fireworks, it was a sight to behold!

However, don’t we all know that Lord Krishna always resides in the homes of those filled with innocent and simple love and pure devotion? And thus Krishna only wanted to stay in Vidura’s home, as only he had truly realized true devotion and love.

Vidhura’s home was in the middle of the Kauravas’ many palaces. It was simple, clean and peaceful. Vidura was ecstatic at Krishna’s arrival at his humble home. He took Arathi for Krishna at the doorstep and led Him in, pulling His hands with childlike enthusiasm. Seating Him in a seat and washing His feet, Vidhura gazed lovingly at His lord’s face.” Oh how beautiful, how mesmerizing, Madhava! The beautiful dancing peacock feathers on Your crown, Your smiling and lotus like lips, blue hued body, the contrasting yellow silk cloth on Your waist, the Kaustuba Mala! Kanna…” He hardly felt time passing when the Lord interrupted his thoughts!

“Vidhura, I have been waiting for your tasty Prasadhams!” hinting rather mischievously at His hunger! Vidhura realized he had not offered anything to His guest who had travelled from afar. Surely he must be hungry! In his anxiety to satiate his guest, Vidhura reached for the big basket of bananas that was nearby and started offering to Krishna the bananas one after the other. He would peel a banana, offer it to the Lord and then enjoy the beauty of His partaking. This was going on for a really long time!

“Swami, what have you done?” wailed Vidhura’s wife who had just entered the hall where Vidhura and his enchanting guest were seated in admiration of one another.

It was only then that Vidhura noticed a pile of bananas thrown aside and the banana peel that Lord Krishna was consuming. Vidhura had been offering the peel to Kannan rather than the banana itself! Flabbergasted and ashamed, Vidhura fell at the Lord’s feet, his tears washing them! Krishna picked up Vidhura who was profusely apologizing and crying, embracing him with affection.

“Vidhura, I had never tasted banana peels before! Having tasted them now, I realized what I have missed! It was so delicious” said Lord Krishna generously. As they embraced one another, Lord Krishna stayed permanently in the heart of Vidura, one whose mind was filled with pure love and devotion for Him.

The sorrowful Pen Pillai of Thirukkolur thus related the story of Vidhura. Looking earnestly at Ramanuja she says “I neither have the faith of the great Akroora, nor the sincere and pure heart of Vidhura, I deserve not to stay in this Divya Desam, Oh Swami! ”

The engrossed Ramanuja who snapped back to the present from His mind travels to Hastinapur, probed the girl further, “Why else my sweet child? Why else do you think you are undeserving?”

Are you curious to know, children? Then stay tuned to hear the next story of this lovely little girl!

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