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Below is the translation to Veda Paati's story, narrated in tamil, available in below platforms:





Did I follow Rama like a slave for the way like Lakshmana

Tirukolur Pen Pillai continued, “So much about the devotees of Krishna! Who can beat the service of AnantAzhvAn (Ananta Sesha) during his role as a brother in Rama AvatAr?”. She then began to tell the greatness of Lakshmana!

Adhisesha, on whom PerumAL lies, is a great devotee. He is ever ready to do service to the Lord. During Rama avataram, Adhisesha took the incarnation of Lakshmana. During the Rama AvatAr too, he was at utmost service to the Lord! Lakshmana did service to his brother Rama through words, mind and body. When they were small babies, Rama would not sleep till He was laid to rest in the same crib as Lakshmana. They had a very close bond with each other.

When King Dasharatha asked Rama to live in the forest in exile for 14 years, Sita too decided to be with Her Husband. Even before they could leave the palace, Lakshmana packed all that was required for a comfortable stay and was awaiting them. In fact, he told Rama, “Dear brother, let me come with you. Doing service to you is my BhAgyam, it is my good fortune.”. Lakshmana’s mother, Sumitra was immensely proud of her son. She said lovingly to Lakshmana, “Dear son, while in the forest, Rama and Sita are your father and mother. Take good care of them.”.

In the forest when the trio crossed the Kosala kingdom, they entered the NishAda kingdom for which the King was the tribal leader, Guha. Looking at the state of Rama, Guha felt very sad. He was ready to give up his kingdom for Rama. Rama gently refused, saying it was his duty to fulfil his father’s wish.

Lakshmana prepared a nice bed of grass for Rama and Sita to sleep on. Guha told Lakshmana to also rest comfortably as it had been a tough journey for them in the forest. Lakshmana said sadly, “When the rightful king of Kosala, Rama, Himself is sleeping on grass, how can I sleep?”. Lakshmana always put Rama’s welfare ahead of his own.

When the trio had to cross rivers, Lakshmana constructed beautiful and functional boats.

When they wanted to stay in some place temporarily, Lakshmana would construct lovely huts which were comfortable to eat and sleep in. He even built a separate resting area for Rama and Sita. Such was his seva!

Once, Rama, Sita and Lakshmana were staying in a place called Chitrakootam. Here, Bharata, Rama’s younger brother came to visit him. He wanted to bring Rama back home. Lakshmana, however, misunderstood the intentions of Bharata and was angered. Rama calmed him down, gently explaining the reason for Bharata’s visit. Lakshmana immediately prostrated at the feet of Bharata asking him for forgiveness. Bharata then took Rama’s Padukas (footwear) to place on the throne as a symbol of respect for his brother.

The trio were also at another place called Panchavati. Here is where many dangers approached. Lakshmana, to protect the divine couple, often warned them, but they paid no heed. A beautiful deer appeared one day that caught the attention of Sita. She badly wanted the deer and sent Rama behind it. Lakshmana warned that it was no ordinary deer, rather it was the mystical demon MArichA. However, Sita was insistent that she wanted the deer. Later when Rama was in the woods looking for the deer, Sita and Lakshmana heard Rama’s voice shouting, “O Sita! O Lakshmana” as if crying for help.

Lakshmana immediately understood that it was the trick of MArichA and refused to leave Sita alone. However, Sita was again insistent that Lakshmana should go and look after the welfare of Rama and make sure He was safe. This is when the evil ten-headed Ravana abducted Sita away to Srilanka. When Rama learns that Sita had been captured, he became distraught.

During the struggle and disappointments, Lakshmana stood by Rama, constantly being a support to Him. Lakshmana was like a shadow to Rama, ever by Him. Rama met with the VAnarA king, Sugriva who promised to search for Sita, in return for a favour from Rama. Sugriva promised to help Rama and Lakshmana with this task after the rainy season.

However, Sugriva completely forgot his promise and continued to enjoy a comfortable royal life that he had newly acclaimed. Lakshmana was furious with Sugriva, and almost began a war with him. He could not bear to see the sorrow of his brother Rama. He was the very life of Rama, living outside Rama’s physical form. He understood and empathised with Rama’s sentiments and feelings and was his greatest support.

The desolate Tirukolur Pen Pillai bemoans, “What a great devotee Lakshmana was! The love Lakshmana had for his Lord Rama reflected in his ceaseless service to his Lord. Do I have so much love for my VaithamAnidhi PerumAL? What service do I perform for Him?”.

Swami RAmAnujA was transported to another world. He himself was an avatar of AdhisEsha and hence he enjoyed listening to his past. What a lovely time it had been to spend in service of the Lord as his own brother!

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