An inquisitive mother set out on a quest for Sri Vaishnava Sampradayam related stories and books for her then-toddler boys. Unable to find suitable catchy and simple contents, she developed her own book on Mudhal Azhwargal. A humble beginning with a simple goal to narrate stories of 12 Azhwars for children, slowly manifested into a portal for children. With the support, encouragement and guidance from like–minded friends and well-wishers, SRISHTI took shape to what it is now.

Vaishnavism is a school of thought under Hinduism which propogates the principles of Vishishta advaitam. A true Vaishnavite is said to be one who is full of empathy towards others and follows the path of truthfulness, peace and is free of vices. Vaishnavites understand their cause of birth to be servants of Lord Narayana and to serve His creations with purest thoughts and actions.

SRISHTI means “creation” in Sanskrit. Branched into publications, regular classes & audio stories, SRISHTI TALES aims to inculcate devotion and knowledge in children and kindle within them the true spirit of a Vaishnavite living.

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Meet Our Team

Team Srishti is a collective super power of proactive and talented group of like-minded individuals. Like the squirrels of Ramayana, we come together to serve our Sampradayam, with the only intent to spread Santana Dharma to the next generation.

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Padmanabhaswamy is the brain and driving force of SRISHTI. Pappan, as we call him, is the creator of each of our thoughts and the resulting actions.

He guides us through all our projects and thus the name SRISHTI – which literally means “creation” in sanskrit. We believe that it is His Sankalpam or Divine Will that manifests through all our projects. SRISHTI will remain a tiny drop in His Ocean.

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Sreevidhya Ramanujam


SRISHTI is the brainchild of Sreevidhya Ramanujam who is a special needs educator by profession. She lives with her family in Hyderabad, India. 

An ardent seeker of knowledge, she believes that SRISHTI is the path to her own spiritual journey towards a Vaishnavite way of living. A polyglot and handicraft maker, Sreevidhya is also passionate about yoga, early learning, gentle parenting, zero waste living and minimalism.