Our Events

  • Guru Paramparai - Module 2 of BV Series
    Sat, 12 Jun
    Zoom Webinar
    In this second module of the Bala Vainavan series, we will spend 8 weeks learning about this glorious lineage with key focus on Swami Nammazhwar and Sriman Nathamunigal. All Saturdays - June 12th to July 31st 2021 Refer to the schedule for batch, group and more details.
  • The Ramayana Family Quiz
    Sat, 29 May
    Spend a screen - free summer with your child and together listen to our Veda Paati's Ramayanam audio story series! Team up for the quiz and win exciting prizes!! Check out our youtube channel for viewing the Grand Finale.
  • Ramanusan Pani Maname - Bala Vainavan Series
    Sat, 17 Apr
    Zoom event
    RAMANUSAN PANI MANAME – first module of Bala Vainavan Series is a 6-week workshop series, where the children will together explore the tales & trivia from the life of Swami Ramanuja through the medium of storytelling, songs, chants, drama, interactive sessions, arts, crafts, activities & much more.
    Fri, 24 Jul
    Submit entries to kk.srishti@gmail.com
    Held from 24th July 2020 to 10th August 2020. SRISHTI celebrates the birth of Aandal and her most favorite Sri Krishna dedicating pasurams, chantings, art and storytelling through a series of competitions for children and Adults. Pictures of the event can be viewed at the gallery.