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Updated: Jul 25, 2020

In the history of Sri Vaishnava Acharyans, Nathamunigal holds a great prominence. He took upon himself the task to get all the 4000 divya prabandhams, which contains the essence of vedas and Upanishads. Further, he tuned the pasurams to the right meter which is still preserved and sung across the world. The practice of conducting Thiruadhyayana utsavam in our temples was also reinstated by Sri Nathamunigal.

Swami Nammazhwar is full of compassion and epitome of benevolence. Having offered the entire 4000 pasurams to Sri Nathamunigal, he also taught sacred stotrams such as Thirumandiram, Vyasa soothram and other secret granthams with their respective meanings.

The story of how Nathamunigal got the 4000 pasurams of Divya prabandham are widely popular. He chanted the prabandham sung by Madhura kavi Azhwar, popularly known as Kanninun Siruthambu, 12000 times to get the blessings and wisdom of scripture from Swami Nammazhwar himself.

Today, on the occasion of Sri Nathamunigal Thirunakshtram, we pay our gratitude to Sri Nathamunigal for obtaining this treasure and Swami Nammazhwar for his benevolence and affection, by reciting Kanninun Siruthambu composed by dearest sishya of Swami Nammazhwar, Sri Madhurakavi azhwar.

The devotees from across the globe have offered their kainkaryam by reciting each pasuram along with a simple explanation in Tamizh and English. We believe that this small offering from SRISHTI will help children and learners to understand the essence of these pasurams and build their curiosity to learn further. Should there be any mistakes in this offering, we request Adiyen’s forgiveness and seek your support, wishes and blessings to enable us with many more such kainkaryams.

These recitals can be found in the link below and also under our Kathangan tab under audio stories.

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