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Navarathri 2020

Once a poor brahmachari approached Swami Desikan and explained his predicament about not being able to find a suitable bride.

He said - "Swami, I have learnt all the Vedas and wish to lead a humble life of a brahmin priest. However, I am unable to find a suitable bride due to my poverty and I will not be able to fulfil my karma without becoming a householder. Kindly help me.''

A very compassionate Swami Desikan took the brahmachari to the sanctum sanctorum of Perundevi Thayar, the beloved consort of Sri Varadaraja Swamy Perumal, Kanchipuram. At the altar, Swami Desikan instantly composed and recited Sri Stuthi, a set of 32 verses in praise of Perundevi Thayar, requesting Her compassion towards this poor brahmachari.

As Swami concluded the recital, they witnessed a shower of gold coins pouring in front of him. Not attracted by material wealth, Swami Desikan prostrated in front of thayar praising Her benevolence, asked the brahmachari to take as much as he wants and returned to his chores of the day.

Goddess Mahalakshmi and Lord Vishnu are called Divya Dampati (the divine couple). Across the Vishnu temples, Thayar (Goddess Lakshmi) is seen in three forms:

  1. seated on the Lord's chest

  2. seated or standing by the side of the Lord

  3. seated in a separate Sannidhi, having an altar of Her own

In comparison to the three forms stated above, Thayar is known to be most benevolent in Her third form, seated in a separate altar of Her own. Why is that so?

In most of the households, children find their safety net in their mother. Merciful and compassionate, a mom never judges her child and protects her children at all times. Many children and even adults will vouch for the fact that it is easier to get their father's approval or permission, if they have the support of their mother.

Likewise, where the divine Mother, Goddess Mahalaksmi is seen seated in a seperate altar of Her own, She is all ears to our joys and sorrows, miseries and victories; waiting to bestow mankind with all kinds of materialistic success and prosperity. She is also the giver of spiritual knowledge and thus Her grace & blessings will lead us on the path of liberation towards Lord Narayana.


While we celebrate this year's Navarathri safely in our homes, let us welcome Ashtalakshmi into our homes and hearts with SRISHTI'S ACTIVITY BUNDLE:

  • FREE ASHTALAKSHMI COLORING PAGES hand sketched by Smt. Srividya Janardhanan.

A short story in Tamil narrated by Smt. Veda Nambirajan - Ashtalakshmigalil yaar vendum?

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