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Andharangam Sonneno Thrijadayai POle

Below is the translation to Veda Paati's story, narrated in tamil, available in below platforms:








Did I tell my heart’s secrets to Sita Piratti like Trijadai?

Udayavar Ramanuja was enthralled by Thirukolur Pen Pillai’s knowledge and stories of various great devotees and their amicable qualities. “Dear child, please go on! Are you going to narrate yet another tale from Ramayana?”, he questioned gently. “Yes Swami. Indeed. Have you heard of the great Trijadai? The kind soul who offered kind words to Sita Piratti during Her days in Asoka Vana?”, saying so she started relaying the story of Trijadai. Who is Trijadai and why was she of service to Sita Ma?

Vibhishana was the brother of the evil and powerful king Ravana. Despite being from the Asura clan, Vibhishana was very just, wise and good hearted.

Knowing the valour of the courageous brothers Rama and Lakshmana, he feared the destruction of his kith and kin due to the foolish acts of Ravana. Ravana had abducted Sita, the wife of Lord Rama from the forests during their exile period. He had kept Her captive in the Asoka Vana garden in his palace. Vibhishana warned his brother against his misconduct and told him to rightfully let Sita return to Rama. Alas! Ravana was adamant in his wrong ways.

Thinking of Sita Piratti’s dire situation made Vibhishana feel very miserable. She was surrounded by hideous Rakshasis all the time, threatening Her. Ravana would make his visits spitting cruel words. To make matters worse, Sita Piratti was in a foreign land all alone. Vibhishana thought of ways to help Sita Piratti in ways he could. He decided to seek the help of his daughter Trijadai. Trijadai was a kind-hearted soul just like her father. She was very helpful and thoughtful in nature. “Dear daughter, you must have heard of how your uncle has abducted Sita Ma. She is in great pain and suffering. She must be feeling very lonely and frightened in this foreign land. Kindly be with her often and offer words of support and hope”, was her father’s instructions to Trijadai.

The minute Trijadai saw Sita Piratti for the first time, she grew a great adoration for Her. She often accompanied Sita Piratti and offered kind words to Her. Once Ravana visited Sita Piratti and Ashoka Vana and spoke to Her very disrespectfully. Sita Piratti replied to Ravana by addressing a blade of grass rather than looking at him. After he angrily left, the repulsive Rakshasis bullied and threatened Sita Ma. Sita was very depressed after this series of events.

The next morning Trijadai approached Sita Piratti looking very fresh and happy. She approached the Rakshasis and warned them, “Sita Piratti is none other than the Divine Mother Herself. Stop torturing Her immediately.

I had a dream last night that Sita and Her consort Rama were flying in the skies in a beautiful white elephant. Ravana on the other hand was dressed in black clothing that had mud all over. He was sitting on a donkey. This signifies that Sita and Rama will be united once again whereas Ravana’s entire clan will be destroyed! Beware!” In these small ways, Trijadai did her part to make Sita Piratti’s stay in Lanka more tolerable.

When the war had just begun. Indrajit, the son of Ravana tied Rama and Lakshmana and captured them. With over confidence, he announced to Ravana that the brothers had been killed. The evil Ravana instructed Trijadai to fly with Sita in the Pushpaka Vimana over the spot where Rama and Lakshmana were captured and supposedly dead. Sita Piratti who saw this scene from up and above with Trijadai, broke down in tears. That was when Trijadai consoled Sita Piratti saying that they look very much alive. She convinced Sita that they were just unconscious and, in some time, would gain consciousness and continue the war. Thus by sharing her intuitions and positive thoughts that Sita Piratti would finally be united with Her Lord, Trijadai kept Her in good spirits.

“Tell me Swami. Did I console someone who was in deep trouble the way Trijadai did? Did I have deep intuitions and secrets to share with the divine Mother Herself ? Why then should I remain in this holy town”, lamented the little child of Thirukolur.

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