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Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Deivathai petreno Devakiyai pOle

Below is the translation to Veda Paati's story, narrated in tamil, available in below platforms:








Did I give birth to the Lord Himself, like Devaki Amma?

Swami Ramanuja asked the child in anticipation, “My child, all your stories have been inspirational, interesting and invigorating. What is the next story? Is it on an Azhwar, or a great Bhakta, or a tale from Ramayana? Please go on!”. “Dear Swami, I am about to tell you the tale of one who has surpassed all that you mentioned! This bhAgwathA was so lucky to be the mother of the Lord Himself thrice. When you hear this story, you are sure to understand my plight!”, bemoaned Thirukolur Pen Pillai.

There lived once a spiritual couple, Sutapas and Pruchni. They were very devoted to Lord Sriman Narayana and once went into a long and deep meditation upon the Lord. Pleased with their dedication, the Lord appeared before them in all His glory, radiant and resplendent, clad in His yellow Vastra and carrying his divine weapons. The couple was drawn to the Lord’s beautiful form and when asked what they would like as a boon, both said in unity, “Why my Lord, we want a child as beautiful and as magnificent as you!”. Perumal laughed and kindly replied, “Who can be like me other than me myself? For the next of your 3 births, I would be born to you both as you your child!”.

In that very birth, Sutapas and Pruchni had Pruchnigarba as their child. He was none other than Lord Sriman Narayana. In the next birth He was born to them as Vamana. In the final birth, when they were Vasudeva and Devaki, He was born to them as Krishna. However, the birth of Krishna and His life were not without complications.

In that birth, Devaki was the sister of the wretched and tyrant king Kamsa of Mathura. Devaki and Vasudeva got married with all pomp and glory. After the wedding, Kamsa himself took Devaki and Vasudeva in his chariot around Mathura. Suddenly a mystical voice said loudly “Hey Kamsa! The eighth child of your sister would be the reason for your destruction!”. Hearing this, Kamsa got furious and petrified. He brandished his sword and was ready to kill Devaki. Vasudeva stopped him and desperately begged him, “Oh Kamsa, do not do anything foolish. Devaki would not be the one to kill you, rather it would be the child. Every time a child is born, I will hand it over to you, do what you would like with it.”

Kamsa threw the newly weds into bars. Every time a child was born, it was handed over to Kamsa. He mercilessly killed each of the children much to the desolation of the helpless Devaki. This went on for 6 children. Vasudeva consoled Devaki saying, “My dear one, do not despair. Life has been cruel to us, but this is our Karma. Let us both pray to Sriman Narayana, He would lift us from this sorrow.”. With this, the couple spent hours meditating on Narayana, constantly repeating His name.

When Devaki was pregnant with the seventh child, something magical happened. This pregnancy was transferred to Rohini, Vasudeva’s first wife. As Devaki became pregnant with the 8th child, the entire Deva loka started celebrating. Something big, something grand was about to happen. Every Deva was eagerly awaiting the birth of Sriman Narayana to Devaki and Vasudeva. However, the situation was quite the opposite in Mathura. The birth had to be as silent as possible, not to alert the evil Kamsa. Even then, nature celebrated this divine birth with flowers blooming, and gentle breeze carrying the aroma throughout the city. Rains poured in eagerness as if rushing to embrace the Lord. It was in Ashtami in the month of Avani, when the Rohini star arose, that the splendid birth took place. A dazzling light filled the confinement that caged the devoted couple. Sriman Narayana appeared in his blue hued form, with his yellow Panchakacha, Kaustuba necklace, and 4 arms adoring His weapons and lotus.

Looking at His beautiful form and His kind eyes and smile, the emotional couple fell at His feet and prayed to Him. They understood that the Lord Himself is their 8th child and that the evil Kamsa’s death is certain. The Lord Himself laid out a master plan and instructed Vasudeva on what needed to be done.

Devaki’s joy knew no bounds as she cried in desperation “My Lord, let me hold you as a child once!”. The merciful Lord immediately granted her wish by taking the form of a child and lying on her lap. In joy, she caressed the child and bathed Him in tears of happiness and motherly love.

“Swami, did I give birth to the Lord Himself as Devaki Amma did? Do tell, oh Swami? Why then do I deserve to remain here”, cried the child. EmperumAnAr’s eyes were filled with emotional tears as He heard the tale of Krishna’s birth and Devaki Amma’s plight. His heart yearned for more such divine stories from the child.

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