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Aazhi marai endreno Vasudevarai Pole

Below is the translation to Veda Paati's story, narrated in tamil, available in below platforms:








Did I ask Perumal to hide His discus like Vasudeva?

“Dear divine child! What a beautiful story you had shared about the Lord’s birth in Bhuloka as the enchanting Krishna! What is your next story? Is it on Krishna yet again? Please go on!”, Swami Ramanuja asked the child in eagerness. Alas! The child was in her own melancholic world, not sensing the admiration of her esteemed audience. “Swami, indeed, it is about the beautiful birth of Lord Krishna. Mother Devaki was such a blessed soul to have carried the Lord in her womb. However, how can one forget the dutiful father that Vasudeva was?”, and with that the child went on to narrate more on the magical birth of Krishna.

The evil Kamsa had his sister and brother-in-law locked up in a cell. He had heard a mysterious voice warning him that his 8th nephew would be the reason for his death. The furious Kamsa would not spare any chance for this child to escape alive and resorted to killing every child born to the couple.

Six children were killed ruthlessly. The pain of seeing each of their children killed in front of their eyes became intolerable. Vasudeva felt helpless. As a father, his duty was to protect his children against harm and to give them a safe space. The pain of failing his duty as a father fell upon his shoulders heavily.

However, Vasudeva knew he had to be strong for his wife. Devaki was inconsolable. “Devaki, this is the wrath of fate and bad time. However, such bad times would eventually pass. There is only one thing that would bring us out from this samsaric afflictions, and that is to recite the name of Narayana. Let us do this day and night with fervour. Surely, our Lord would save us!”, he gently encouraged Devaki. Vasudeva and Devaki sincerely meditated upon Lord Sriman Narayana and constantly uttered His Name. Lo and behold, Devaki’s 7th pregnancy magically got transferred to Vasudeva’s first wife, Rohini’s womb.

Devaki was eventually pregnant with her 8th child. As the time neared for the birth, the Devas were excited, and celebrations had begun in the Devaloka. It was not quite the same on earth where everything had to be kept silent and hushed so that Kamsa would not be alarmed. Flowers bloomed, and a sweet aroma lingered throughout Mathura.

In Aavani Month, Rohini Nakshatra and Ashtama thithi, the beautiful child was born. What a beauty He was! He appeared with 4 hands holding the conch, discus, mace and lotus flower. He had a happy and lustrous smiling face with kind eyes. Vasudeva and Devaki could hardly believe their eyes and absorb His beautiful form despite having given birth to him in 3 consecutive births. The happiness and excitement of the devoted parents quickly turned into worry. What if Kamsa came?

Forgetting for a moment that it was the Lord Himself in front of him, Vasudeva’s fatherly love took precedence as he whispered in an exasperated tone “My child, oh my love. Your discus is so bright and lustrous. This might attract unwanted attention from Kamsa. Please can you hide it?”. The Lord was elated upon receiving such guileless paternal love. He gently reassured Vasudeva, “Dear Vasudeva, the evil Kamsa cannot do anything to me. I have taken this form to destroy him. Go now to Gokul. Exchange me with the girl baby who is born to your friend Nandagopa. Till you return no harm will befall you or Mother Devaki!”

Mother Devaki caressed and poured kisses on the baby form of the Lord. Her heart was filled with mixed feelings of longing and relief as she helplessly handed the child over to Vasudeva. Vasudeva’s chains had magically undone themselves as he took the child from his wife and kept Him in a small basket. The cell doors opened automatically, and the guards were in an unconscious state. Vasudeva safely exited the cell and started quickly making his way to Gokul.

On his way, the skies decided to celebrate the birth of Krishna with a heavy downpour. Anantha, descended upon earth to form an umbrella protecting Vasudeva and his dear Lord. River Yamuna presented itself on their route towards Gokul. As Vasudeva wondered how he would cross the river, She Herself parted and made a pathway for Vasudeva to walk across. Such was the magical journey of the trio to Gokul! There at Nandagopa’ s home, Mother Yashoda had just given birth to a beautiful baby girl and resting thereafter. The exchange of the babies was done, and Vasudeva successfully returned home with the baby girl.

No sooner had Vasudeva returned to the cell, did the little girl child start wailing. The alarmed Kamsa came running and held the child to ruthlessly kill her. The child flew from his hand and took her terrifying angry form with 8 hands.

“Who do you think you are to kill me, you foolish Kamsa! He who is meant to kill you is elsewhere! Beware! Your end is near.”, and with that Devi disappeared.

“Tell me Swami, am I like Vasudeva? The great devotee who with fatherly love wanted to protect Perumal Himself by requesting Him to hide His shining discus? Do I feel protective like this about my Vaithamaanidhi Perumal? I do not deserve to remain in this Kshetram”, said the little girl of Thirukolur dejectedly.

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