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Below is the translation to Veda Paati's story, narrated in tamil, available in below platforms:





Andharangam Pukkeno Sanjayanai Pole

“Oh child, with your previous stories, you made me mentally travel to the Ashram of the great Agasthya! What an enchanting story it was, with the sage giving various weapons to the Lord Himself! Which of Perumal’s great devotees are you going to tell me about this time, my child?”, asked Swami Ramanuja eagerly! The child, not minding this eagerness as she was drowned in her own wallowing thoughts began the story of the great Sanjaya!

Everyone has a private space, or Antharangam. It is where we would like to spend time with someone close to our heart to create good memories. One should not interrupt or disturb when another wishes to maintain privacy or spend sometime in private. There is an exception to this rule. Only one who is very well respected and possesses great qualities can be allowed to disturb someone who is spending time in his Antharangam.

Once upon a time, there lived someone called Sanjayan. He was a very well respected, well mannered and innocent person who treated everyone equally. Hence he was appointed as the King Dritharashtra’s private driver. He was also a good friend to Dritharashtra, who was blind. He trusted and depended on Sanjayan to tell him about all that happened.

The story goes that, Dritharashtra’s hundred sons (Kauravas) and his brother Pandu’s 5 sons (Pandavas) never got along. Once, the Kauravas and Pandavas engaged in a game of dice. Through some unfair means, the Kauravas not only won, but took away everything that belonged to the Pandavas. The Pandavas had to spend 12 long years in the forest. They spent another year in disguise as well and finally returning to their palace requested the Kauravas for some land that was rightfully theirs. The Kauravas flatly refused. The only choice was to wage a war to fight for their rights.

King Dritharashtra was deeply troubled. He wanted to find out what the Pandavas thought, and hence sent his most trusted friend, Sanjaya on this mission. At that time the Pandavas were living in a city called Upaplavya.

That evening, the dear friends, Krishna and Arjuna were having a jolly time with each other along with their wives, Satyabhama and Draupadi in their private chambers. They were enjoying their Antharangam. This was when Sanjaya landed at the gates of their Palace. Initially the guards refused entry to Sanjaya. However, upon Sanjaya’s insistence the guard ran into the hall where the four were laughing and having a great time.

Initially Krishna was a bit annoyed asking the guard “Why barge in during our private time? Is there anything that urgent?”. When the guard informed Krishna of Sanjaya’s presence, His entire demeanour changed. Krishna was so fond of Sanjaya that he immediately summoned him in! When the other three looked at Krishna quizzically he said, “Sanjaya is most welcome to our private gathering. He is so pure minded and innocent. He would not once be jealous of our friendship. He has not a speck of dirt in his mind”. And so Krishna held Sanjaya very high in regard!

Another notable incident happened during the life of Sanjaya. During the Kurukshetra war, Sage Veda Vyasa asked Dritharashtra if he would like to be granted a divine vision to be able to watch the war. The blind king politely refused saying that he would not be able to recognise his sons even if he may be granted this vision. He volunteered Sanjaya to receive this gift! Sanjaya would then witness the entire Kurukshetra and relate the happenings to Dritharashtra! Sanjaya had the great blessings to listen to the Bhagawad Gita as recited by the Lord Himself and even see the Vishvaroopam of Krishna through this divine vision!

The Thirukolur Pen Pillai, after relating this entire incident, bemoans to EmperumAnAr, “Oh Swami, am I so sincere and pure hearted and trustworthy like Sanjaya? Such that one would trust him into their private space! I possess no such great qualities that would make my Lord accept me into his Antharanga. Why then should I remain here, do say!”.

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