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Below is the translation to Veda Paati's story, narrated in tamil, available in below platforms:





Was I an umbrella for Perumal like Ananthazhvan?

“Swami, you heard the stories of all these great devotees! When will I similarly be able to serve my Lord, my Vaithamanidhi Perumal? Let me now tell you about yet another exemplary devotee who never ceases to do Kainkaryam for PerumaL”, and with that, the sincere little girl of Thirukolur goes on to describe the grand Adhiseshan!

Seshan refers to one who serves, who does kainkaryam. Adhiseshan means the one who has been doing service since the beginning. Since Adhiseshan has always been always doing service to Perumal, he got his title. He is also called Ananthan. Ananthan is one who has all good qualities. Due to his continuous service to the Lord, he attained all good virtues and hence was also given the name Ananthan. Adhiseshan has been at Perumal’s service in all of His 5 states. What are Perumal’s 5 states? They are, namely, Param, Vyuham , Vibhavam , AntharyAmi and Archa.

The first state, Param, refers to Parama Padam, i.e. Vaikuntham. In Vaikuntham, while Perumal was seated in His Simhasana, Ananthan took the role of an umbrella. The second state Vyuham, refers to Perumal at the milky ocean called PArkadal – Ananthan took the role of a bed for the Lord to lie on. Vibhavam refers to Perumal during His Avatars. For instance, during Rama Avatar, Adhiseshan took the role of Perumal’s sibling, Lakshmana and continued his faithful and unfaltering service towards Him.

Antharyami is Perumal’s ability to live in our heart cavities when one meditates upon Him. When the renowned Nammazhwar was in deep meditation on Perumal, and composed several beautiful poems, the divine couple appeared before him. Not wanting to leave, Perumal and Thayar entered his heart and remained there. Nammazhwar was always seated beneath a Tamarind tree, which was none other than the form of Adhiseshan. Yet another example was Periyazhwar who always meditated on his Lord in his resting form, where He was lying on Adhiseshan with Piratti by His divine Feet. Archavatharam is Perumal’s deity form. In every Divya Desam and temple, Adhiseshan appears along with Perumal in his idol form.

Not only does Adhiseshan remain with Perumal in all of His forms, but he also remains with Perumal in every Yuga, i.e., time period. During Satya Yuga, he took the form of Ananthan. During Treta Yuga, he was with Rama as Lakshmana. In Dwapara Yuga, he was Krishna's brother Balarama. And in Kali Yuga, he came to earth as Ramanuja to establish our Sampradaya.

When Perumal walks, Ananthan is a grand Throne! And when He sits, Ananthan is an umbrella! When He lies down, Ananthan becomes the bed. He even serves as a lamp for Perumal through the shine of the jewels that hang from each of his thousand heads! Ananthan shows each of us how to serve the Lord through our kainkaryams. He is an exemplary Bhagavatha!

“Am I able to do a single service to my Vaithamanidhi Perumal? Look at Ananthazhwan who spends all his time serving the Lord in all kinds of ways!” said the melancholic Thirukolur Pen Pillai!

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