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Below is the translation to Veda Paati's story, narrated in tamil, available in below platforms:





Did I carry the Lord like Thiruvadi?

Swami Emperumanar nudged the child, “Oh little girl! What an exemplary, duty-bound devotee Ananthazhwan is! Always by Perumal’s side performing Kainkaryams! Are there other devotees of PerumAL who are as dutiful?”. Thirukolur Pen Pillai responded, “Swami, there are many and I am definitely not one of them! Why should I remain in this Divya Desam, when I am unable to perform Kainkaryams like these great devotees? Do you know of Periya Thiruvadi?”.

The Lord has two devoted bhagavatha's who have served Him with boundless devotion. They are affectionately called Siriya Tiruvadi and Periya Tiruvadi. Siriya Tiruvadi is none other than Hanuman, who served the Lord during Rama Avataram. Periya Tiruvadi is Garuda who is always with the Lord like Adiseshan, carrying Him and His consort wherever They wish to travel! Garuda is the reincarnation of the Vedas and loves doing Kainkaryam to His Lord all the time.

There was once a great sage called Kashyapa. He had two wives, Vinata and Katru. He decided to give them both boons one day. Katru asked for 1000 babies. With his Yogic power, he created 1000 eggs and gave them to her. Vinata on the other hand, asked for just 2 babies who were noble and brave, and possessed many good qualities. Kashyapa heeded her wish by granting her 2 very large eggs. He advised them both to be patient till the eggs hatched.

Katru’s 1000 eggs hatched shortly, and out came snakes from each of them. However, Vinata’s 2 eggs had not hatched at all. She witnessed the little snakes playing and growing happily, fondly but also longingly. When would she get to see her children, she pondered!

Finally, becoming impatient, Vinata forcibly broke one of her eggs, and out came a beautiful and Tejasvi baby, who unfortunately had no legs. He was called Arunan. Arunan cried in despair, “What have you done, Oh Mother! Could you have not waited for me to develop fully. Please do not do this to my brother as well and wait patiently. I am now going to become Soorya Deva’s charioteer, Mother. Please do not worry about me”. Off he flew as Vinata cried in despair. She was determined not to repeat her mistake and waited patiently for the other egg to hatch.

One day Vinata and Katru were strolling in the evening. That was when they caught sight of a beautiful white horse. The horse belonged to Devendra and was called Ucchaishravas. Vinata was enamoured by its beauty, while Kadru schemed an evil plan. “Oh Vinata, the horse is beautiful indeed but why is its body white and its tail black?”, commented Katru. “Katru, can’t you see clearly? The horse has a white tail!”, exclaimed the surprised Vinata. “Vinata, you are unable to see well because it is night. Here is a challenge! Let us revisit the horse tomorrow in the daytime. If it indeed has a white tail, I will serve you for the rest of my life. If it turns out otherwise, you will be a servant to me!”, she challenged, seemingly playfully.

That day, Kadru instructed her 1000 snakes to wrap around Ucchaishravas’s tail. When the ladies visited the horse, its tail indeed looked black. Alas! Vinata had fallen into Katru’s trap and had to work as her servant. She worked day and night for Katru and her 1000 sons. Katru left no opportunity to torture her.

One fine day, Vinata’s egg finally hatched! Vinata’s joy knew no bounds. Her son was strong, handsome and kind. He was none other than Garuda! Hearing about the hardships of his mother, he wanted to put an end to her suffering. He went to Katru to ask her what he could do to relieve his mother of her pain. Katru instructed him to fly to Devaloka and get her and her sons the holy Nectar, Amrit, that would make them live forever.

Garuda wasted no time and rushed to Devaloka. He defeated all the Devas! Indra was very impressed with him and asked him what he wanted. “Oh valiant one! Do not give the Amrit to Katru and her snakes! They would spread this world with their venom and kill everyone!”, said Indra. Garuda convinced Indra that he had a plan and would ensure the Amrit would not actually reach them.

On his return to his mother, the Lord was very pleased with his devotion to his mother. Lord MahaVishnu asked Garuda “Oh child! I admire your dedication towards your mother! What do you want in return? Ask me for anything”, He asked. Garuda replied “Oh Lord, I want to be always above You!”. “Why, of course! You will always be on my flag and from now I shall be known as Garuda Kodiyon!”, beamed Perumal. “Lord, ask me for a boon”, said the fearless Garuda! “Well, clever one. I want you to always be under me! Be my vehicle and take me around!”, asked Perumal. From then on, the duo were inseparable!

As promised, Garuda brought the Amrit to Katru. Before letting her and her sons drink, he demanded his mother to be released and for them to have a bath. When they disappeared to have their bath, Indra quickly took back the Amrit and at the same time Vinata was spared!

Garuda was the one to carry Perumal during His Krishnaavatar when He had to collect the Parijata flower from Devaloka. He carried Him during the destruction of Narakasura, and to answer the pleas of the helpless Gajendra! Garuda always kept Perumal and Thayar company and carried Them wherever they wanted!

“Am I able to carry my Lord, VaithamAnidhi PerumAL wherever He wants to go? Am I able to perform any Kainkaryam at all so wholeheartedly and sincerely? Why then should I be here?”, said the sad Thirukolur Pen Pillai.

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