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Krishna in a Fix
  • Krishna in a Fix

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    How lucky can a pot get? Read the story of the potter Dadhipandan and his pot and how they served naughty Krishna!


    This bhakti laden story of Dadhipandan is sometimes heard in Tamil Vaishnava discourses. It does not seem to appear in any classical text except for some references to it here and there.


    One such charming reference is the story of Ramanujacharya who once visited Thirukkolur when he saw a young girl walking out of the city. Asked why anyone would want to leave Thirukkolur, the young girl replies in a series of 81 questions in each of which she asks if she is eligible to live there by comparing herself with various devotees of Vishnu. The 52nd question is, "Did I lie, 'He is not here, to save Krishna as Dadhipandan did?"


    Story - Vijay K

    Illustrations - Maitreyi Vijay

    SKU: PB-003
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    • Paper

      Art paper | Colour

    • No. of pages

      20 (including cover)

    • Age

      4 years and above

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      0.125 kg

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      20.5*20.5*3 cms

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