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Rema Krishnan

The first book on mudhal azhwargal. The Divine Trio is well presented in a simple language and lovely pictures which attract kids.
The activity page at the end of the book is an added happiness to kids who love colours.
It is a wonderful idea of including the thaniyans of respective azhwar so the kids now understand the story and learn the thaniyan as well.
Expecting the launch of next book . All the best to the team for this excellent book.

Prasanna S Rajan

Interactive, user friendly book with attractive pictures. My child loved it.

Neetu Goyal

Excellent work. I played one story for my daughter.. she listens daily two stories at bedtime.. she liked it very much. keep it up.. Awesome👍👏

Radha Narayanan

Beautifully presented in a child-friendly way the story of the mudhal azhwars in length. Lot of lovely illustrations which kids would love to draw and will stick to their hearts. Wonderful gift for young minds. Thank you Sreevidhya and Srishti team for coming up with this book.

Krishna Siri

While I was searching for guidance to introduce books to my kids, I found this treasure. as difficult as it is to make the toddlers sit at a place, this book has given me a break from the chase behind the kids with the bliss of introducing the azhwars during the month of Margazhi. thanks to srishti... let this journey be filled with happiness and success....

Akshaya Sathya

Wonderful book to explain kids about azhwar My son eagerly started to read thank you

Sneha Iyer

Excellent job with the Podcast 👌Played one story today, my little one enjoyed listening to it and was literally pleading for one more 😃👏👏It feels like such an achievement for something to hold their undivided attention especially when there's no visuals.. Thanks for this one.
Definitely recommending your podcast to my fellow mommies 

Jayanthi Iyengar

A beautiful journey imparting knowledge! Good luck.

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