Veda Paati Sonna Kadhai

In this series of short stories in Tamizh, Veda Paati tries to subtly imbibe moral values such as truthfulness, value of promise, time management, fearlessness and true devotion in children.


Veda Paati

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Smt. Veda Nambirajan

A culture enthusiast, incredible artist, remarkable story teller, Smt. Veda Nambirajan or our beloved Veda Paati is rooted in traditions. She has ably sketched for SRISHTI’s coloring cards titled “12 Names of Vishnu”.


Further, she is the curator of delightful short stories in Tamizh offered under the title “வேதா பாட்டி சொன்ன கதை - Veda Paati Sonna Kadhai". Narration of the entire Ramayanam in Tamizh, for children is one of her greatest contributions for Santana Dharma. 


Smt. Veda is inspired by the vision of SRISHTI and serves our cause with dedication and commitment. She lives with her family in Thiruvananthapuram, India.