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Below is the translation to Veda Paati's story, narrated in tamil, available in below platforms:





Did I merge with the body of God like Thirupanazhvar who was carried inside the temple on the shoulders by the temple priest

“Oh Swami, have you heard about the great pAnar who melted the Lord’s heart with his soulful hymns? Once you hear of this devotee, you would no doubt agree with me that I do not deserve being in such a holy place!” declared Tirukolur Pen Pillai. This is the story of the great TirupAn AzhvAr!

In UrayUr in the month of KArthikA and Rohini star, a child was found in a paddy field. The child was none other than the incarnation of PerumAL’s Srivatsam. A couple from the pAnar (musician) community picked up the baby and brought him up lovingly. The pAnar community plays an instrument called Yaazh, a string instrument. They were considered a low caste back then.

The child grew up very devoted to Lord Sriman NArAyaNA! He sang so beautifully while playing the Yaazh, often lost in the thoughts of the Lord. As the community was not allowed into the temple, this sweet child would sit in the banks of KAveri, and sing hymns continuously looking at the beautiful temple roof, gOpuram, of the Sri RanganAtha temple. Many years went on like this! He also got the name TirupAnar.

There was also a Rishi called Loka SArangA who would come to kAveri daily to collect some water for his service to the Lord at the temple. One such day, as he was walking towards the river, he found TirupAnar sitting on the way. Loka SAranga muni tried calling out to TirupAnar several times, but to no avail! TirupAnar was lost in thoughts of the Lord and his singing! As he was in a hurry, the Muni picked a stone and threw it on TirupAnar to awaken him!

The stunned TirupAnar opened his eyes to see an impatient Muni in front of him, waiting for him to move. With blood oozing from his forehead, TirupAnar moved aside, profusely apologizing to the Rishi who quickly collected his water and made his way to the temple.

No sooner had the Rishi reached the temple sanctum, than he heard the devotees in chaos, shouting that there was blood oozing from Lord RanganAthA’s forehead. The repentant Rishi regretted his actions and realized how much it had hurt the Lord. That night he had a dream where the furious Lord demanded, “How dare you hurt my devotee? He is so dear to me, singing my hymns daily. First thing tomorrow morning, go to the banks of Kaveri and carry him into my sanctum”.

The next morning, the remorseful Rishi ran to TirupAnar and requested him to come to the temple with him. “How would I enter, Swami? I come from the pAnar community who are not allowed to step foot into the temple!”, cried TirupAnar.

“If that is the problem, please do not set foot. I will carry you on my back into the temple. Please come”, requested the Rishi. As Loka SAranga muni carried him into the temple, he had to cross 7 steps to reach the sanctum. As he crossed each step, TirupAnar could see one body part of PerumAL. His ecstasy knew no bounds.

He instantly composed the AmalanAdipirAn, an outpouring describing the beauty of the Lord. He describes the Lord’s lotus feet to be the iris of his eyes, the red cloth he adorned to be filled in his thoughts, the belly button from which Brahma was born to be the life of his heart, the beautiful stomach to be etched in his mind forever, the chest where the Goddess lives to be ruling him, the neck which contained the entire universe that had made him a servant, the red lips that attracted him and the beautiful eyes that made him forget everything else. Such was his beautiful and heartfelt description of the Lord. As he entered the sanctum, he cried to the Lord that he did not want to see anything else after seeing His Lord, henceforth.

The merciful Lord gave in to his dear devotee and accepted him immediately. At that moment, TirupAnAzhvAr completely united with Lord RanganAthA!

The child of Tirukolur bemoans yet again, “Have I sung to my Lord so? Have I become one with the Lord? I do not deserve this land at all!”! RAmAnujA, moved by the story, exclaimed, “Oh child, how great was TirupAnAzhvAr who reached the Lord by his soulful and devotional singing!”.

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