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Below is the translation to Veda Paati's story, narrated in tamil, available in below platforms:





Was I lucky to converse with Lord of Kancipuram like Thiru kachi nambikal

“Oh Swami, what is considered by all as Aho BhAgyam, the biggest fortune? It is the ability to speak to the Lord Himself. One such great person who had this Aho BhAgyam was Tirukatchi NambigaL. Let me share with you the tale of the great Nambigal of KAnchipuram, the friend of Lord VaradarAjA Himself!” exclaimed the child of Tirukolur.

NambigaL was born to a rich businessman in a place called Poovirundavalli. His birth name was Gajendra DAsar. Due to his good deeds from the past births, Gajendra DAsar had a strong inclination and devotion towards VaradarAja PerumAL of KAncheepuram.

As he grew to become a young lad, one day Gajendra DAsar’s father gave him some money. He told him to invest this money starting a business, as they were from the family of businessmen. Gajendra DAsar spent this money creating a garden and growing flowers to offer flower garland service for his Lord, VaradaAjA. He also used the money in the service of the devotees of his Lord. After some time, Gajendra DAsar’s father visited him and inquired about the money, business and how much profits he had made.

Gajendra DAsar replied that the gains he had made are not in this material world, rather, it was in Sri Vaikuntam as an accumulation of good deeds. His enraged father left him, extremely upset with all the lost money.

Gajendra DAsar, however, only wanted to seek more spiritual knowledge. He left for Srirangam and took tutelage under a great guru, ALavanDAr.

While learning spiritually, Gajendra DAsar enjoyed all the festivities in Srirangam. One day, he wished to do fanning service for PerumAL.

He ran to Lord RanganAthA, grabbed hold of a chAmaram (fan) and started fanning Him. Lord RanganAtha spoke up! “Dear devotee, please do not fan me, as I am feeling too cold. I lie on the banks of Kaveri where it is so windy!”. Not wanting to give up, Gajendra DAsar left for Tirupati, and there he started fanning Lord Srinivasa. Lord SrinivasA too spoke up! “Gajendra DAsA! Do not fan me as I am already freezing from the cold of being at such high altitude!”.

Finally giving up his wish to do this service, he went back to his favourite VaradarAja PerumAL. Remaining in Kanchipuram there on, he got the name Tirukatchi NambigaL.

One day when Nambi was helping out in the altar, he noticed that his Lord was sweating profusely. He asked the priest about this. The priest said that VaradarAja PerumAL had appeared from the holy YAgAs and hence he is sweating so.

Finally Tirukatchi NambigaL knew where he could do the service of his wish!

He started fanning his Lord, VaradarAja PerumAL regularly! Not only that, PerumAL had become so cool physically and emotionally, that He started conversing with NambigaL daily!

One day, Sani (Saturn) approached the Lord. “Oh Lord! I bow to you. As I do with everyone, I am supposed to shadow over Tirukatchi NambigaL for seven and a half years, giving him a tough time. This is my duty. However, since he is your devotee, I need you to grant your permission.”.

The Lord wanted to check with his devotee first before providing an answer. For Sani to be able to cast his power over the life of NambigaL, NambigaL had to stay away from the Lord for that period of time. Tirukatchi NambigaL could not even bear to think of being away from PerumAL for 7 ½ days, let alone weeks, months, or years.

Finally, he acceded to 7 ½ nAzhigai (roughly 3 hours). The Lord gave His green light to Sani to trouble his devotee for only 7 ½ nAzhigai.

During this short period, Sani found some reason to cause NambigaL to commit a mistake and be jailed for it. He was released in 7 ½ nAzhigai. NambigaL ran to the Lord and fell at His feet crying,

“Oh merciful VaradarAjA! You knew I could not bear to be separated from you for so long, and you reduced 7 ½ years of misfortune to just a couple of hours!”.

RAmAnujA was a close friend of NambigaL and once requested him to ask VaradarAjA some doubts that he had. NambigaL did as he was told and even delivered the answers from the Lord to EmperumAnAr! PerumAL said these beautiful words to answer the questions!

"BedhamE dharshaNam"

"Para-tattwam naame"

"Upaayamum prapatthiyE"

"Anthima smruthiyum vEndA"

"SharIra avanAshatthilE Moksham"

"Peria Nambi ThiruvadigaLilE Ashrayippadu"

As Tirukolur Pen Pillai related this story, RAmAnujA smiled to himself as the beautiful memories of his interaction with NambigaL played before his eyes. The child did not even know that he whom she was telling this story to, was RAmAnujA himself!

“Am I able to speak like this to my Lord? Why then should I remain here, Swami”, cried the little child in despair!

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