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Below is the translation to Veda Paati's story, narrated in tamil, available in below platforms:





Did I offer you sandal paste to apply like the hunch backed lady of Mathura

Tirukolur Pen Pillai continued her enchanting tales, “Oh Swami, it is ever sweet to talk about the tales of Lord Krishna. Let me tell you one such tale of one of His simple devotees!”.

Lord Krishna was born to Vasudeva and Devaki in the cell of Mathura. Devaki’s evil brother Kamsa had locked the couple away in fear. A mysterious voice had once said that the eighth child of the couple would kill him. With a phenomenal turn of events, the beautiful divine child was brought to VrindAvan to the loving arms of Yasoda and Nandagopal, overnight, without the knowledge of Kamsa.

Soon, Krishna became the darling of all the GopikAs of Vrindavan, mischievous and endearing. He performed many LeelAs especially when the malevolent Kamsa sent several demons who created chaos in VrindAvan. Ten blissful years thus passed!

Eventually, Kamsa finds out that it is Krishna who is the eighth child, born to kill him. He orders Akroora to fetch Krishna and Balarama to Mathura. He had laid several intricate plans to get rid of the lads!

Upon entering Mathura, the boys were excited to see the beautiful city. The folk of Mathura were equally astounded by the beauty of these young lads! While exploring the city,

Krishna and Balarama come across a dhoby (washerman) who was carrying exquisite clothes for the King. The brothers requested the dhoby to lend them some clothes to try on, who responded angrily, “No way! These elegant outfits are for King Kamsa. I cannot lend these to you”. Before he could finish, Krishna gave him a hard knock on his head, causing him to faint. The boys playfully clad themselves in these fine outfits from the washerman’s basket and happily skip their way around the city!

They then meet a hunch-backed young girl carrying the finest sandalwood for Kamsa. She was carrying various varieties of sandalwood. Krishna and Balarama asked her for some sandalwood to anoint themselves with! Thinking that these were simple cowherd boys who would have no knowledge on sandalwood, she offered them the cheapest of the lot. What doesn’t Krishna know? He mischievously refused every offer, until she finally offered the most fragrant of them all!

Not only did He accept the sandalwood from her, but He also asked her to apply the sandalwood paste on Him and Balarama! She endearingly applied the paste on the boys. The Lord wanted to bless her in return for Her kindness and love. He walked close to her, stepped on her toe with His, held her hip with his, and lifted her up, holding her chin. Then and there, the hump of the girl disappeared, and she stood upright for the first time in her life!

The girl’s eyes filled with tears, her heart with gratitude. “Oh Lord, how compassionate you are! I have suffered all my life due to this hunched back, not to mention humiliation when others laughed at me. You have lifted my life in a moment. How do I thank you? Please come to my home, oh Krishna!”.

Krishna gently replied, “Oh Mother, I will definitely visit you, after I fulfil my duties''. And thus, blessed her so!

“Oh Swami, a simple hunchback was able to please the Lord by her simple act of lovingly applying sandal paste on Him. What have I done for my VaithamAnidi PerumAL? I have not applied any sweet-smelling sandalwood on Him!”, said the child of Thirukolur sadly!

“Yes, my child. Do you know why sandalwood is so special? It dissolves itself into a paste to serve the Lord unconditionally by serving Him with its aromatic scent! What a selfless service! That is why in all divine functions, sandalwood is offered as Prasadam!”replied the astute RamanujAchArya!

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