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“Was I asked to stand in the same place by Sri Rangaraja like Idayaathoor Nambi, when Idayaathoor Nambi became old and wanted to have HIS DARSHAN daily?” demanded Thirukolur peN piLLai.

(Nillenap petrEnO iDayAtthUr nambiyaip pole!)


Idayaathoor Nambi was a great Rasika, one who has tremendous appreciation for the beauty of the Lord. Srirangam, also known in Tamil as Thiruvarangam, is considered Bhooloka VaikuNtam (Heaven on earth). Uthsavams take place in Srirangam everyday. Similar to the innumerable KalyaaNA GuNaas (auspicious qualities) of PerumaaL, one cannot count the number of Uthsavams in Thiruvarangam.

Uthsavams like kODai thirunaaL, Vasantha Uthsavam, Pavithra Uthsavam, etc., were celebrated throughout the year.

{kODai thirunAL= Summer festival

Vasantha Uthsavam = Spring festival

Pavithra Uthsavam = Sacred Uthsavam}

In these Uthsavams, Thiruveedhi ulaa (procession carrying Uthsava Murthy) will go along the street / procession route. Lord Ranganatha saunters in a leisurely gait with exquisite decorations, mounted on different Vaahanams.

There are many festivities all through the year - like

Chithrai Veedhi Ula (Chithrai street procession),

Utthara Veedhi Ula (Utthara street procession),

KaNNaadi Sevai (Mirror Darshan),

Mutthangi Sevai (Pearl Attire Darshan),

Serthi Sevai (PerumaaL and Piraatti granting Darshan together),

Araiyar Sevai (A musical dance-drama performed by a special group of Devotees known as Araiyars).

Shall we enjoy PerumaaL's adornments Keshadhi Paadam (Thiruvadi to Thirumudi - from Lotus Feet to Crown) ?

His beautiful Silk apparel (dress).

Sometimes the silk would be Peethaambaram - of yellow colour;
sometimes white silk ; sometimes of various hues like - red, green, etc.

The Kasavu, Jarikai and Madippu would be feast to the eyes.

{Kasavu = Intricate embroidery weave

Jarikai = Silver and Gold zari threads

Madippu = Folds, drape or decorative frills}

PerumaaL's Thirumudi would be adorned with a bewitching gold crown bedecked with Navarathnas (Nine Gemstones).

The Nethichutti or ChoodaamaNi, the forehead jewel, glistened on His forehead.

The beautiful Kasthuri Thilakam (the sacred mark of Kasthuri - i.e. Musk) attractively beckons us.

The beauty of Makara KuNdalam on His ears was beyond words.

{Makara KuNdalam = type of ear ornament having the shape of Makara - a sort of sea crocodile}

A broad diamond necklace and a long Navarathna necklace glittered around His neck.

Armlets (Keyooram) on His upper arm,

Bracelets (KangaNam) on His wrist,

Srivathsam, Kausthubam, Muththu (string of pearls), or of Pavazham (coral gems) on His neck,

Golden Thread and OddiyaaNam (golden belt) on His waist.

{Sri Vathsam is the sacred mark or curl of hair on Sri MahaavishNu's chest, which is considered as the esoteric insignia of Sri Mahaalakshmi.}

{Kausthubam is a divine gem worn by Sri MahaavishNu on his chest.}

ThaNdai, Kolusu (anklets) on His legs.

Besides all the above, beautiful garlands of various flowers of different colours, exuding pleasant fragrance, were adorning His neck. To top it all, an all-green ThuLasi Maalai (Basil garland), known as Vana Maalai (Forest garland), densely knit, was also adorning His neck.

Surpassing all these beauty, we can endlessly enjoy Keshadhi Paadam (from head to foot) with ecstasy !

His Compassionate Eyes, Smiling Lips and His Ever Radiant Thirumeni (divine body), wielding Sanku - Chakram (Conch and Discus) to assure protection to His Devotees.

Near Thiruvarangam lies a village by name Idayaatthangudi.

There lived a devotee named Idayaatthoor Nambi.

His love and devotion to Thiruvarangam PerumaaL was boundless and passionate.

He would come to Thiruvarangam everyday and participate in every festival.

He would come to Srirangam and enjoy not only every festiv