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ThaaikkOlam seydhenO anasooyaiyai pOle.

Below is the translation to Veda Paati's story, narrated in tamil, available in below platforms:








Did I assume the role of a Mother to Goddess Sita like Anusuya?

Dear Children,

The forlorn PenPillai of Thirukkolur continues lamenting, considering herself unworthy of remaining in the great divya desam. EmperumanAr RAmAnuja was so captivated by her yearning to be on par with the great devotees of the Lord. He fervently pleaded to PenPillai, “Go on my child, I am eager to hear your stories!” Are we not also just as eager?

“Did I assume the role of a Mother?” asked the little child, with a touch of mystery. With this she brought us to the dense forests of Dandakaranya, that lay between the revered rivers, Narmada and Godavari. This is where Rama, Lakshmana and Sita spent 14 years of their exile from Kosala.

In this forest also lived a couple, Sage Atri and Tapasvi Anusuya. Through the power of her penance, she had done much good to those who were in need of help. She once helped the devas shrink 10 days into 1 day. When there was a period of severe drought with no rain for 10 years, through her spiritual and ascetic powers, brought rains upon the world. She could even make Mother Ganga flow in the direction of her footsteps.

Once, Sage Narada wanted to test the strength of her Tapas. He requested her to boil some peanuts, oh wait! These were no ordinary peanuts, they were made from iron. The unperturbed Anusuya patiently cooked these and offered them to the Sage. The sage who was taken aback, rushed to report this to Deva logam. Goddess Lakshmi, Saraswathi and Devi wanted to see Anusuya for themselves and even conducted their own tests on her, which she calmly overcame!

Her name Anusuya meant one who would not get jealous of, nor draw the jealousy of others. She had reached such great heights that it was futile to feel envious of her, rather one would be in awe of her!

During their old age, Sage Atri and Anusuya had settled in the Dandakaranya forest, not too far from where Rama, Lakshmana and Sita were initially at Chitrakoot.

Bharatha had visited his brother there to beg him to return and rule Ayodhya. Rama had gently refused and instead agreed to give His footwear which was duly kept on the throne till He returned after 14 years. Rama could not bear to be in Chitrakoot any longer, he was tormented by thoughts of his family back home and of his late father.

Rama then decided to move on from Chitrakoot to deeper inside the forest, looking for a new place to set up his small family for 14 years. On His way He came across the hut of Sage Atri and Anusuya, and wanted to get their blessings. The devoted couple welcomed the trio warmly and made them comfortable in their abode, as lovingly as they would to their own children. Upon Sage Atri’s coaxing and with Lord Rama’s approval, Anusuya took Sita PirAtti to a separate room for some cosy girl talk!

“My child Sita, what a great soul you are! You have shared the burdens and troubles of your husband as a dutiful wife, not minding all the discomforts of living in the forest! Are you both getting along well? Is Rama taking care of you well”, asked Anusuya in concern, brimming with love and kindness. “Oh Amma! Worry not! My husband is one with all good qualities. He takes care of me with the tenderness of my mother. He stands up for me and helps me out just as my father would. I am very happy and satisfied, oh ma!”, replied Sita happily.

“How sweet to hear my dear! Do tell me though, how did you meet Rama? How did you both get married ? Although I have heard several versions through the grapevine, I would like to know more from you!”, asked Mother Anusuya enthusiastically and rather mischievously. The shy Sita recounted the story from the time Rama and Lakshmana were requested by Sage Vishwamitra to defend the Yagna from the evil Rakshasi Tataka and other such demons. Rama and Lakshmana being the valorous young warriors, destroyed the demons effortlessly!

Sage Vishwamitra then brought the heroic brothers to Mithila where King Janaka held a Swayamvar. A Swayamvar is where many princes are invited to showcase their talent to impress the princess and eventually win her hand in marriage. The strong, calm and handsome Rama picked up the heavy bow belonging to Shiva, where many young princes had badly failed! He strung the bow with little effort and then broke it with all his might! Sita who was eagerly hoping for Rama to be the one to win her hand was ecstatic. King Janaka gently placed the delicate hand of Sita on the strong manly hand of Rama, celebrating their union!

Anusuya was so overcome by emotion on hearing the story of the union of the divine couple, that she decorated Sita with all the jewels she had, imagining her to be a new bride. She did this out of so much love as she would had Sita been her own daughter. The bejewelled Sita looked just like Goddess Mahalakshmi Herself, beautiful and bright. Anusuya brought the decked Sita and presented her to Rama who stared at his wife in awe. “Oh! What beauty”, he thought to himself!


The Pen Pillai of Thirukolur sighed, “Oh Swami, tell me now? Am I like Anusuya, who had decorated the Goddess, like her own daughter? Have I assumed the role of a mother to the Goddess herself? Then why should I stay here, I should leave!”.

Ramanuja who had mentally travelled to Mithila and Dandakaranya snapped back to the present and requested “Dear child, before you leave tell me, why else do you feel you are undeserving?”

Pen Pillai said - “Did I ask about my father like Dhruvan?” Lets wait for Pen Pillai to unfold this statement in our next blog.

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