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Updated: Jul 25, 2021


Below is the translation to Veda Paati's story, narrated in tamil, available in below platforms:







My dear children,

Having heard the story of the pure-hearted devotee, Vidhura of Hastinapur, “Where will I be teleported to this time”, wondered Ethirajar Ramanuja. “Go on, my child. I want to hear more!”, he coaxed the little girl of Thirukolur.

“Oh Swami, did I sacrifice my body like the wives of the sages when Krishna asked for food?” bemoaned Pen Pillai. With this, Ramanuja got transported to the scene of the everyday life of little Krishna and his cowherd friends! Let us travel along with him!

PC: Lord Krishna and Lord Balarama alongwith the cowherd boys and cows - Photos 2.0 - ISKCON Desire Tree | IDT

Krishna and his cowherd friends would set out early in the morning. Their mothers knew so well that once the cattle had settled themselves in the greens of Brindavan, the boys would begin their endless games! They would lose track of time, more so if the mischievous Kannan allured them playing the sweetest melodies in his flute! They packed various delicious meals and refreshments and sent them along with the boys. They could satiate themselves when they got hungry!

The excited boys would scurry out with their packed food and cattle and run to their Lord, the most lovable friend, Krishna! Together, they proceeded to Brindavan. The lush and green surroundings of Brindavan was so inviting. The cattle happily grazed in the greens while the children proceeded to play their games.

The incident took place on a day that pretty much started out like any other day in Krishna’s life. That day the children were so enthusiastic and played games till noon when they finally stopped, feeling the first pangs of hunger. They joyfully shared and ate each of their packed foods and enjoyed the company of one another. As soon as the meal was over, Krishna mesmerised them with his sweet flute melodies! They laughed, sang and danced with Krishna, unaware of time or surroundings.

Energised once again, the kids continued to play, running into the nearby forest for more exciting games. Before long, hunger drew them to reality. “Krishna, we are hungry again now! We have long ago emptied all our lunch boxes! What shall we do now?” cried the cowherd boy.

Krishna said “I too am so hungry. Do one thing. Run to the cave you see there”, he said pointing, “There are several Rishis doing Yagna. They would definitely have plenty of food. Do tell them that I am hungry and that I requested them for food. They would surely help us!”.

The children proceeded towards the cave in anticipation. The Rishis were busy in the Yagna and did not pay heed to the children. The children repeatedly cried out “Swami Swami, we are hungry. Krishna sent us here to get some food for Him!”. The annoyed Rishis angrily retorted, “Don’t you have better sense than this? How can we offer the Prasadham to you before we offer it to God? Go away!”.

The disappointed children returned to Krishna and conveyed all that had happened. “Friends, do not be disappointed. The wives of these Rishis are making Prasadham. Why don’t we try asking them? I am sure the Mothers will not refuse us!” The children abided by Krishna and now resorted to the wives of these Rishis!

The very minute these ladies heard that Krishna was hungry, they wasted no time! They grabbed all they could muster and ran towards Kannan with all sorts of delicacies. The Rishis who witnessed this, tried to stop their wives! One of the wives retorted, “We cannot let our darling Krishna go hungry. We must feed him”. Hearts brimming with love and affection, they rushed to feed Krishna.

Unfortunately, one of the Rishis stopped his wife by physically holding her back, grabbing her hand. The heartbroken lady cried out in misery, “Leave my hand!! The others have gone to do their part to fulfill my Lord’s hunger, am I alone not lucky to do the same? What will I give my Lord now?”

And then it dawned upon her, “It is my physical form, and my relationship with you that is preventing me from reaching Krishna. If I can do away with these, I would be able to reach my Lord freely!”. At that very instant she left her physical form and her soul reached Kannan! Infact much before the other women could reach Krishna physically! Such was her Bhakti!

“So you see Swami, would I ever dare to leave my body in an instant to reach the Lord like the wife of the Rishi did? Then why should I stay in this Divya Desam? I am the least deserving!”, she lamented. Ramanuja, who was hearing her stories very intently smiled, silently admiring her humility and devotion and yearned to hear more from her.

Swami said, “Dear child, I am eager to hear the story you plan to tell next. Who is the next person?”

Pen pillai replied; “Dasamuganai Chettreno Piraatiyai pole?”, “Did I ignore Ravana like Seeta Piraati?”

Let us stay tuned to hear the next story of this lovely little child!

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