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Thandhai enge EndrenO Dhuruvanai POLe

Below is the translation to Veda Paati's story, narrated in tamil, available in below platforms:







Did I seek the eternal Father like Dhruva?

Children, are you ready to listen to the next story, narrated by our little friend, Thirukolur Pen Pillai?

“I seek your blessings Swami, and am grateful to you for patiently listening to my heart felt longing! While speaking about all the great devotees of Perumal and the fact that I am not half as qualified as them, how could I miss out the great Dhruva? The 5 year old child who had the knowledge, devotion, resilience that brought him to the greatest heights in life? Did I seek the eternal Father like Dhruva did?”, and so Pen Pillai started relating the story of Dhruva. Who is Dhruva and why did he seek the lap of Perumal?

Long ago, there lived a King called Uttanapada. King Uttanapada had 2 wives, Suniti and Suruchi. Suniti had a child called Dhruva while Suruchi had a child called Uttama. The King was more fond of his wife Suruchi than his first wife Suniti and spent more of his time with her.

One day, Dhruva saw his half brother Uttama sitting on his father’s lap. Dhruva being just 5 was also eager to share the same experience and went running towards King Uttanapada squealing excitedly. Alas! His step mother Suruchi stopped the poor child grabbing him and stopping him abruptly. “Only those who have good virtue deserve this happiness”, hissed the haughty Suruchi.

The innocent child looked at his step mother curiously and asked “How do I achieve this good virtue Chinnamma?”. “The only way you can accomplish that, is by being born from my womb. Go to Sriman Narayana and ask Hm to grant you this boon”, snapped the queen in pride. Dhruva’s eyes filled with tears, he was confused, hurt and sad. He went to his mother Suniti and related all that had happened.

Suniti who was herself a devotee of Emperumal chided her son. “Dear child, please do not cry. Why don’t we take the good from what Ma Suruchi said? Seek Sriman Narayana Himself, but not to be born in Suruchi’s womb. Rather, seek Sriman Narayana to grant you all that is good for you, as He is the Father of the Universe! He is the eternal Father.”. Innocent but brave Dhruva asked “Where is Sriman Narayana? How should I seek Him?”

Suniti explained, “Where is He not, little Dhruva. He is everywhere. However, to please Him, and to meet Him, you would need to do Tapas in the forest. Set out to the forest now, you would meet a Guru who would guide you on what and how you need to seek our eternal Father.” With this Suniti recited a mental prayer requesting Perumal to keep her child safe in the forests.

The brave Dhruva, just 5, set out to the forest with courage and enthusiasm, reflective of the warrior class he was born into! He walked a very long way, the path dangerous, filled with dangerous animals, poisonous fauna and arduous path. Dhruva was hardly afraid, as his mind was set on the goal he had set out to achieve. Along the path he met Narada. Narada was surprised to see such a young child out and about in the dangerous forests all alone. He enquired the child’s whereabouts to which Dhruva related all that had happened.

“I want to meet the Eternal Father, the Father of this Universe, my Father. Where can I find Him? How do I meet Him”, asked Dhruva full of enthusiasm. “Oh child, it is not so easy to seek Sriman Narayana, many great Rishis have attempted severe penance and been unable to meet Him. Now, please go back home my child”, said Narada gently. “Oh muni, I want to meet my Father, and am not returning without finding Him”, said Dhruva. Narada was impressed by the child’s determination and resilience. He chanted in the child’s ear “Om Namo Bhagawathe Vasudevaya! Om Namo Bhagawathe Vasudevaya! Om Namo Bhagawathe Vasudevaya!” With this mantra taught, Narada guided the child to a Peepal tree to start his meditation.

The sincere and determined Dhruva did as he told. Rain or shine, in hunger and thirst, the child meditated upon the Divine Father he was so eager to meet. Perumal was so pleased and elated at this child’s divinity. He made appearance in the child’s mind. Blue hued, clad in a yellow cloth, adorning Kaustubha mala and with 4 hands holding the conch, discus, mace and a lotus, Perumal showed Himself to His dear child. The child was so happy seeing the beautiful smile of His divine Father, His kind and gorgeous eyes, His beautifully bejewelled form, what a sight! Dhruva, upon seeing this stunning and divine form, started chanting even more fervently.

Finally, Sriman Narayana appeared in front of the child who was deep in meditation. To make Dhruva realize His presence, Narayana disappeared from the child’s mind. Upon the disappearance of Perumal from his mind’s eye, Dhruva immediately opened his eyes! In front of Him stood His Father in His glorious form. As Dhruva fell on Emperuman’s feet, Perumal caressed Him full of love and happiness. He was blessed to be the next king after his father and also eventually become a star in the universe, popularly known as “Dhruva Nakshatram”.

“So tell me oh Swami, did I seek our Father, Sriman Narayana the way Dhruva did? Then why do I deserve to stay in this Divya Desam, Thirukolur?”, mumbled Pen Pillai.

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