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Sri Rama Poster
  • Sri Rama Poster

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    Sankshepa Ramayana begins with the conversation between Sage Valmiki and Sage Narada. Valmiki wonders, "Who is that man who possesses 16 great virtues that make him Purushottama (best among men)?"


    Sage Narada reveals that Sri Rama is the one and only Purushottama and urges Sage Valmiki to write Rama's journey (ayanam) that we know today as Srimad Valmiki Ramayanam.


    Srishti Tales captures the 16 virtues of Sri Rama along with the suitable illustration from Ramayanam.

    SKU: PS-003
    • Information and Care

      1. Size of the poster is A3. 

      2. Poster has a glossy finish which is helpful for lamination purposes.

      3. Use a double tape for sticking at the chosen place.

      4. Use a dry cloth for dusting.

      5. For bulk discounts, reach out at 9094778059. 

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