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Below is the translation to Veda Paati's story, narrated in tamil, available in below platforms:





Did I offer flowers to you in MathurA when you wanted it like Sudhama the flower


EmperumAnAr nudged the child, “Oh, what a moving story it was about the hunchback! Who else did Krishna meet in MathurA, my child? tell!”. Tirukolur Pen Pillai replied, “Swami, you have guessed correctly that the next story is about yet another pure-hearted devotee living in Mathura. How will my devotion ever match up to theirs?”

As per the instructions of the evil King of MathurA, Akroora fetches Lord Krishna and BalarAma from Gokulam to MathurA. The city of MathurA was filled with grandeur! Fascinated, the excited brothers request permission from Akroora to tour the wondrous city before visiting Kamsa. The people of MathurA were wonder-struck at the beauty of the handsome brothers and looked upon them in awe!

As they were walking about, they met a washerman who was carrying expensive and beautiful clothes for the King. They stop him and playfully adorn the clothes. Along the way they meet a hunchback girl who sold sandalwood. They select the sandalwood with the best scent and request her to apply it on them. With Krishna’s blessings, the hunchback regains her form. After all of these adventures, the brothers decide that the cherry on the cake would be garlands that they could adorn to complete their look.

They hear of a garland-maker living humbly in a small street in Mathura. He had heard much about Lord Krishna and was eager to go and meet him. However, he understood the constraints that he was preventing him from meeting his Lord. Would there ever be a chance for Krishna to visit Mathura? And even if He does, how would He know this flower seller who was always immersed in thoughts of Him?

Just as he was occupied in thinking so, he heard a knock at his door. What a surprise! When he opened the door, the Lord Himself along with His brother were at the doorstep.

The garland-maker could hardly believe his eyes. “We would like to be adorned with garlands. Can you give us some?”, asked Krishna playfully. The garland-maker had just enough flowers for his workday. He had to make the garlands from them, and the money earned from the sales would feed his family for that day. But what did he do at that moment?

With great happiness and excitement, he made garlands from the best, freshest, most fragrant, colourful flowers in his collection, bedecked the brothers with them, and admired their beauty.

Krishna and Balarama, very pleased with the affection and skill of the garland-maker, asked him, “You have decorated us so beautifully, with so much love. What do you want from us in return?”.

“Oh Krishna, I have been waiting to see You all my life. Not only have You come to Mathura, You have come to my humble ThirumAligai (abode)! What else would I want in my life? What other happiness do I seek?”, said the modest and emotional flower seller.

The brothers were so joyful that they blessed him with all sorts of wealth along with the ultimate wealth of Moksha!

Thirukolur Pen Pillai ended the story dreamily, “Have I ever offered to my Lord any flower malas like that garland-maker, oh Swami? What good am I?”. To this, the wise AchAryan replies, “Oh child, offering of flowers is the one highly desired by PerumAL. AzhwArs such as PeriyAzhvAr, Thondaradipodi AzhvAr have all done this service of offering flower garlands to the Lord out of great devotion. Wherever and whenever you see Tulasi and flowers, my child, you should only think about the Lord!”.

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