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Below is the translation to Veda Paati's story, narrated in tamil, available in below platforms:





Did I fight with Ravana Like Jatayu to save Sita

After the moving story of Rama’s honorary fourth brother, Guha, Tirukolur Pen Pillai began her next story. RAmAnujA was snapped back to the present day from his own past as Lakshmana as the child started narrating the story of PeriyavudayAr.

The mighty Garuda, the vehicle of Lord Sriman NarAyaNa, had a brother called Arunan. Arunan had 2 sons, SampAti and JatAyu. They were royal eagles. When they were young, they had a competition- which of them could fly the highest! Both eagerly flew so high that they nearly reached the sun! JatAyu could not bear the heat of the sun, and seeing the torment his brother was in, SampAti rushed to protect him. SampAti covered JatAyu with his large wings, thus saving him. However, his own wings were burnt, and all the feathers dropped off. SampAti fell in the nearby mountain of Vindhya. On the other hand, JatAyu fell in another place called Panchavati.

Thus, the brothers ended up growing separately. They heard nothing about one another and did not know each other’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Rama, Lakshmana and Sita had been exiled from their kingdom in Kosala by King Dasharatha. After 13 years of wandering in the forests, they end up in Panchavati. They saw a huge creature mounted on a tree and initially suspected it to be a demon. He was none other than JatAyu. JatAyu introduces himself and tells RAmA that Panchavati was a safe place to stay. He promises RAmA that he would take good care of Mother Sita.

In Panchavati, several important and life turning events take place for the trio. Soorpanaka, the sister of the ten headed evil king RAvaNA, chances upon RAmA’s cottage and tries to woo the brothers. LakshmaNA chops off Soorpanaka’s nose in anger. She summoned her demon brothers Khara and Dushana. Rama and Lakshmana destroyed them in no time. RAvaNa took revenge by visiting the cottage when the brothers were out chasing a deer. He comes in the form of an old man, and carries off Sita. Hearing the cries of Sita, JatAyu rushes to the spot to find her being kidnapped. Although old, he fought RAvaNA bravely to buy time till RAmA and LakshmaNA returned.

The wicked RAvaNA chopped off the wings of poor JatAyu, and Sita cried as she saw JatAyu fall to the ground. She begged JatAyu to tell RAmA of her whereabouts as RAvaNA mercilessly dragged her away to keep her captive in Srilanka.

JatAyu held on to his life till RAmA and LakshmaNa arrived, muttering RAmA nAmA continuously. Finally, the princes arrived and JatAyu narrated everything that happened. Not only did he do so, but he also consoled RAmA by saying that the sAstrAs say that one who loses something at that time of the day, vinda muhurta, would definitely get it back very soon. With that, JatAyu left the mortal world.

The emotional brothers do the last rites for this big-hearted bird who spent his last days in service to the Lord and His consort.

Tirukolur Pen Pillai lamented, “Look at the sacrifice of JatAyu, oh Swami. Despite being young and healthy, I did not get a chance to do any such sacrifice, and neither am I as sincere as that great bird. I should not remain here!”. SwAmi RAmAnuja added, “He is indeed a great soul. He did service to the divine Mother and divine Father. He is indeed PeriyavudayAr, one who possesses a lot! One who possesses a lot of blessings!”

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