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Below is the translation to Veda Paati's story, narrated in tamil, available in below platforms:





Did I cross the ocean and approach Lord Rama like Vibheeshana

“Let me tell you yet another story from the RAmAyaNa. About yet another devotee of Lord RAmA with exemplary qualities. Qualities that I cannot even dream of having!”, started the child of Tirukolur thoughtfully.

Vibheeshana, the brother of RAvaNA, despite being from the lineage of demons, was quite different. He had done penance and got a boon from Brahma that he should live with the right values. Vibheeshana was in deep despair. He could not bear to see the mistakes RAvaNA was committing. He had kidnapped the wife of another man. He had tried advising his brother with good sense but to no avail. RAvaNA had no intention to return Sita to RAmA in a peaceful manner.

Vibheeshana was extremely worried, as he was wise and knew that RAmA could easily destroy the entire lineage of demons for RAvaNA’s misdeeds. To make up for this as best as he could, he sent his daughter Trijata to keep Mother Sita company.

HanumAn eventually makes a trip to Srilanka to see Sita on behalf of RAmA. He passes RAmA’s ring on to her in exchange for her chUdAmaNi, a jewel. He could not bear to see Mother Sita’s agony. In anger, he destroyed several asurAs in Srilanka. Eventually he gave in to a BrahmAstrA that brought him to the court of RAvaNA. Hanuman tried his best to give good counsel to RAvaNa. Instead of heeding to Hanuman’s advice, RAvaNA set fire to his tail. The mighty monkey leapt from one place to another in Srilanka spreading the fire and set fire to the entire kingdom. He ultimately returned to RAmA and reported the safety of Sita and the happenings in Srilanka.

RAmA, LakshmaNa and the monkey army got ready for war. At one point, the troupe arrived at the shores of Srilanka. Vibheeshna once again tried speaking sense to RAvaNA, “It is enough for one arrow from RAmA’s bow to destroy the entire Lanka and our family tree, Brother. Let this be it. Please send Sita Mata back to Her husband as he is by the shores!”. The enraged RAvaNA insulted Vibheeshana and kicked him out of the palace.

Vibheeshana knew no other means but to surrender to Lord RAmA. He and four of his friends approached RAmA’s camp. When Vibheeshana requested Sugreeva to take him to see the Lord, and Sugreeva approached RAmA for permission, all the other monkeys were unhappy. Each had an opinion! One said, “He must be a spy from our enemy!”. Another said, “Let us first examine him before letting him in”. Yet another said, “He left his own brother! How long would it take for him to leave us!”.

RAmA looked at HanumAn questioningly. HanumAn said, “Oh Lord! Why would a spy stand in front of us so bravely? Besides, he has come to us knowing that there is no dharma on the side of his brother. There is nothing wrong in accepting him. Besides, when I was in the court of RAvaNA, he was the only one speaking dharma, asking him to return Mother Sita, and to spare my life.”

The all-knowing Lord smiled and said, “What to speak of Vibheeshana, even if RAvaNA comes now and surrenders to me, I will give him protection and forgive him for kidnapping Sita! Vibheeshana has done nothing wrong, I will accept him wholeheartedly. Bring him in!”.

Once Vibheeshna came in, RAmA said, “Have I caused a delay, Vibheeshana?”. Vibheeshna, voice trembling, said, “No, oh Lord Rama! It is I who has delayed. I should have come to you a long time ago”. So saying he fell at the Lord’s feet who readily accepted Vibheeshna’s surrender.

Ending the story thus, the forlorn child of Tirukolur said, “To surrender, Vibheeshna went all the way to the shore to see RAmA. I am so near my VaithamAnidhi PerumAL and yet I do not surrender to the Lord. I deserve not to be here!” RAmAnuja added, “Oh child, what a beautiful story that teaches us the meaning behind surrender, SaraNAgathi! Thanks to Vibheeshana, the wonders of surrender are now known to the world. Vibheeshana became a king after he surrendered to the Lord!”

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