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Moondrezhuthu Sonneno Kshatrabandhuvai Pole

Below is the translation to Veda Paati's story, narrated in tamil, available in below platforms:







Thirukolur Pen Pillai began relating the story of Kshatra Bandu uttering the three syllabled name! Who is Kshatra Bandu? What is this three syllabled name?

Kshatra Bandu was a kshatriya warrior with all sorts of bad qualities! He was an arrogant person, who enjoyed tormenting and harassing others. Constantly hurting those around him and even snatching their possessions! Everyone in town hated the sight of Kshatra Bandu and reported his misbehaviour to the King! The King aptly punished by throwing him out of town and in exile into the forest!

Alas! Kshatra Bandu was least bothered nor ashamed of this disgrace. He continued his ways even in the forest. He tormented wayfarers, animals and travellers who passed the forest, hitting them, stealing from them! On one such hot and sunny day, an old Rishi was passing through the forest with great difficulty. He was looking for some water to quench his thirst. Spotting a lake, he decided to hydrate himself there. However, he slipped and fell into the lake instead.

Try as he might, the poor old Rishi was unable to retrieve himself from the lake! It was slippery and muddy at the lake. Feeling helpless the Rishi shouted in fright “Govinda! Govinda! Govinda” very loudly. Why, our Kshatra Bandu who was always waiting for the chance to bully someone heard these loud cries. Spotting this poor Rishi in need of assistance, Kshatra Bandu decided to be of help for once! He created a long rope using whatever material he could find and managed to pull the Rishi out of the lake!

The Rishi was so pleased by Kshatra Bandu, he praised him immensely! Kshatra Bandu had never heard anyone commend him ever! He was so tickled by the words of the Rishi that he laughed heartily. “Oh dear old man! My name, Kshatra Bandu and good can never be mentioned in the same sentence! I was sent out of the town to the forest for my bad behaviour! In fact, even now, I get my satisfaction from torturing the travellers who pass this forest!”, The rishi smirked, “Do whatever pleases you, my child. But do me a favour, just keep repeating this 3 - syllabled name whenever you are carrying out any action that pleasures you!”, and with that the Rishi taught Kshatra Bandu this magical name, “Go – Vin – da! Govinda!” Kshatra Bandu was very amused by this name and took on this task easily.

As he hit people who passed the forests he did so chanting “Govinda Govinda Govinda”! As he snatched possessions he chanted “Govinda Govinda Govinda”!. As time passed, Kshatra Bandu’s mind started stirring, “Why am I torturing everyone? What is the purpose of all this?”, he started asking himself for the first time. As time passed, Kshatra Bandu stopped all his misbehaviour and tormenting, and aligned his mind to the chanting of the magical three syllabled name “Govinda!”. He turned over a new leave, eventually earning the blessings of the Lord.

“Did I chant the name of Govinda while doing all my tasks to please Vaithamaanidhi Perumal of Thirukolur, Swami?”, asked the little girl gently. Swami Ramanuja touched by the story looked on awaiting to hear more from the Pen Pillai!

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