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Below is the translation to Veda Paati's story, narrated in tamil, available in below platforms:







Dear Children,

The little mysterious girl of Thirukolur compared herself thus far to the faithful Akroora, the virtuous Vidhura, and the devoted wife of the Rishi. Who next we might wonder! Well, these were the same thoughts that crossed Swami RAmAnujA’s mind. He looked at her eagerly, awaiting her next story.

The forlorn Pen Pillai continued, “EmperumAnAr, did I ignore Ravana like Sita Piratti?” With this, the little girl takes Swami RAmAnujA and us to the beautiful Ashoka Vanam gardens of the evil demonic King Ravana.

Lord Rama along with his consort Sita and his brother Lakshmana lived in the forests of Dandakaranya. They were exiled for 14 years from Ayodhya, an unfortunate result of a promise that Rama’s father, King Dasaratha had made to one of his wives, Kaikeyi. Despite hardship, the trio had enjoyed their peaceful stay in the forests. As the exile period was drawing to an end, the evil ten - headed demon king Ravana kidnapped Sita from their hermitage. She was imprisoned in Ravana’s beautiful garden, the Ashoka Vanam, surrounded by hideous Asuris.

Ashoka Vanam today PC :

Everyday Ravana would pay a visit to Sita in the gardens. “Dear Sita, I am yearning for the day you would agree to be mine! What have I not got that Rama has? Look at this palace, these gardens, my grand possessions, ask me for anything you want!”, some days he would speak to her gently. On other days, he would be angry and threaten her. However, nothing deterred Sita. She would not even look at him, nor waste her time speaking with him.

One day, she plucked a blade of grass and threw it between herself and Ravana. Rather than speaking to the ten headed demon king, she addressed the blade of grass as if it were Ravana.


“Oh King of Lanka! It is no big deal for me to pluck and throw you just as I did to this blade of grass! However, I will wait ever so patiently for my husband, the valorous, the great Kosala prince, the flawless Rama. My mighty Rama will defeat you in a blink of the eye, wait and watch!”, she hissed in anger and displeasure. So brave was she, that the petrifying ten headed Ravana’s threats never deterred her one bit from her strong faith in Rama’s arrival to destroy him. Neither was she so weak hearted to fall for Ravana’s enticement. She belonged to Rama and none else!

Thirukolur Pen Pillai looked pained as she related this story. The agony of Sita PirAtti reflected in the innocent face of this little girl child as she took a deep breath and continued, “Oh Swami, who knows what I would have done had I been in Her situation? Out of fear and my faltering faith, I might have taken a wrong decision! It was due to Sita’s resilience that a demon like Ravana was killed! Was I the cause for a demon like Ravana to be killed, like Sita? Why else should I stay in this Divya Desam?”

As the child finished her 4th story, EmperumAnAr’s curiosity grew even further. What other stories does this child have to share?

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